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Funeral is a kind of ceremony for sanctifying, respecting, celebrating and a way of remembering the life of person who was dead. It is a certain practice and belief of many people that has been in the culture to remember the death of their love ones. Customs vary in different ways as well in religious affiliations. Funeral comes from the Latin word “funus” that means funeral rites. Funerary art has also a connection in burials that include objects and tombs that made for burial with corps.


Funeral rites is an old human culture, it started during the time of Homosapiens three thousand years ago.  For examples in the Shanidar cave in Iraq, in Wales the Pontenewydd cave and in the other sites of near east and Europe, archaeologist have discovered skeleton in Netherlands with the characteristic of flower fallen layer. This reverence and deliberate burial was given to the dead suggesting that Neanderthals are performing this belief, although evidence is not yet unequivocal borrowing rodents introduced the flowers while the dead was buried.